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Work & Travel Work experience exchange Or just cheap labor?
It seems that living in a foreign land that is not your own joker gaming home country. With the aim of hiring jobs, there are many different terms, depending on their definition.

"Little Ghost"
It is a term used to refer to Thai people who are illegally working in South Korea. In order to use labor in exchange of wages By smuggling in an illegal country Unable to do any transactions in the country because they don't actually exist in the country.
"Foreign workers"

It is the definition used to refer to a person who does not have Thai nationality. But came to work to earn money in Thailand And received remuneration as wages Or any other benefit Most of them are Myanmar residents. With both entering legally And smuggle into the country illegally

"Work & Travel"
It is the definition used to refer to Thai people who go to work abroad. Most often it is the United States. The agency is engaged in providing employment while studying or studying at the university level. Which may be during the semester break or graduated To gain experience and earn money abroad Along with traveling as well

From the order of these definitions, the word "Work & Travel" seems to have much better taxes than ghost and alien workers. Which from the debate in the online world Some people think that people who go to work in the Work & Travel style are middle class people. Unlike the little ghost and foreign workers who are working class. Although in fact In comparison, each job uses the same "labor" and when the visa runs out, it will have to go back to the homeland as well.

Work & Travel is not as comfortable as you think!
Many people often dream of the luxury that working in the form of Work & Travel will be able to travel as well in addition to working. With the opportunity to work in various ways And also practice the language As well as exchanging cultures with native speakers

But from the fact that many people have been exposed in the online world It can be seen that what you think and what is true is quite the opposite. When having to work hard in exchange of wages Most of these are labor jobs that many people have never taken care of or taken seriously while in Thailand.

While visas are given a J-1 category, which is a visa for those who are funded by a specific organization. Upon the expiration of the specified time, you must return to your home country. With a maximum period of time to work only 4 months And able to stay for another month for a total of 5 months, unable to stay longer

Choosing the wrong agency, life changes
Working & Travel is not easy to work with as it has to be dealt with through an agency that is a recruiting agency. In Thailand, there are many companies available Which if someone is unfortunate, has been abandoned or dumped by the care agency during the time traveling abroad Is no different from being in the dark As used to have news to see often

Therefore, if anyone wants to go to work, work & travel really need to study and find out how the company, agency that choose to use the service, has a history. Is it legally registered?

The main expense of a hundred thousand for foreign experience exchange
According to the latest data from the American Learning Agency in Thailand, established in 2003, the cost of participating in the Work and Travel 2021 program is as follows:

- Application fee to join the project 7,000 baht
- Covid-Care Package fee 2,999 baht
- Project cost during Spring / Summer is 78,000 baht (3 installments)
- Package visa fee 8,500 baht
- Expenses for choosing the event (Mini Premium 4,000 baht / Premium 8,000 baht)
- Airfare (State selected to work Affect the price of tickets paid)
- Flight ticket deposit 3,000 baht (The company has a plane supply service) Pocket Money about 1,000- 1,500 USD (30,000-45,000 baht)

For expenses such as travel expenses, hotel expenses, and accommodation deposit, etc. when calculating the initial expenses (Excluding airfare) is that people who want to experience a foreign country Must have at least 134,000 baht!

Break through many levels before getting Work & Travel
When actually planning to go to work, besides pocket money must be ready. The heart must be ready. English language skills are also required. Because they have to pass an English language test to assess the language level The ability of each person to suit any type of work. Which is a job where employers accept students to work, such as cleaning jobs in hotels or resorts Waitress jobs in restaurants or fast food stores Various service jobs in supermarkets Service work in the amusement park Or souvenir shop

After that, you will have to pass a job interview from the employer. This could be a Skype interview before accepting work. While visa matters, they must be completed. In order to make the entry into the country without any problems Which will have an agency company to assist in implementing this matter

Want to travel, must endure hardships first!
As previously mentioned, working abroad in Work & Travel will have time for us to actually travel only 30 days because we have to stay in the project to complete the deadline. This means that patience is required to work for the duration of the contract. Before having the opportunity to travel that satisfies

During the working period, it is a proof of patience for each person to bear pressure. Can I suffer from work that receives an average of $ 8-16 per hour or about 240-480 baht (according to American Learning)? Because even though the compensation which is the minimum wage is higher In Thailand But the cost of living abroad is also high.

However, if going to Work & Travel is not a gold mining To bring back substantial amounts of money But to get the experience Learn to live in a foreign country. Learning a language culture would be more likely to meet the needs of going to work in another foreign country, and at least it helped to learn that life that was out of the safe cover It's not a lavender field that is just for running and pretty.

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