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What is a Normal Pulse and How to Measure It
[Image: What%2Bis%2Ba%2BNormal%2BPulse%2B%2526%2...e%2BIt.JPG]
[b]What is a Normal Pulse and How to Measure It[/b]

Each of us may not have medical education, but we all need to know the basic characteristics of the human body. Check the work of the heart and in general, the presence of life in the body can be in the pulse. However, what are we actually measuring the pulse for? Do you know what the normal pulse rate is?

Since ancient times, the pulse has been considered one of the main indicators of human health. In the Eastern School of Pulse Diagnosis, there is a legend about the famous doctor Bian-Qiao, who was entrusted with the treatment of the daughter of a very remarkable person. The complexity of the diagnosis was that the girl could not be touched, could not look at it. The doctor instructed to tie a thread to the girl's wrist, at the other end of which to tie an inflated ball. With the ball fluctuating, the doctor determined the girl's pulse and managed to make the correct diagnosis. Today, the pulse is one of the first symptoms of various disorders in the body. That's why you need to monitor your heart rate and measure it in various situations.

[b]What Is It For To Know The Pulse?[/b] 
Pulse rate describes your heart rate, the number of times the heart beats per minute. Your pulse can also show your heart rhythm and the strength of your heartbeat. Monitoring your pulse rate at rest, while exercising, or immediately after exercising can show your fitness level. 
Checking your pulse can even help you diagnose any health problems you are experiencing. For example, a faster pulse rate can be caused by anemia, fever, certain types of heart disease, or the use of certain medications, such as decongestants. 
Meanwhile, a slower pulse could indicate disease or medications related to heart disease, such as beta-blockers. In an emergency, the pulse can also help show if the heart is pumping enough blood. 

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